Ghost icons on left pane

First, I searched the help docs and this forum to see if my question had been answered. I also went through the debugging steps, but I’m still stuck. So, I’m reaching out for some help here.

What I’m trying to do

I’m using Obsidian on iOS, and when I open the left pane to view my files, search, bookmarks, and more, I encounter an unusual issue. Alongside the expected icons, there are two ‘ghost’ icons. These icons don’t seem to have any functionality, and I can’t interact with them in any meaningful way. They are related to “plugin no longer active”. I want to remove these ghost icons to clean up my interface and make sure there’s no underlying issue causing them to appear.

Things I have tried

I’ve looked through the Obsidian help documentation for any mention of phantom or ghost icons and checked for any similar issues reported on this forum. Additionally, I followed the standard debugging steps, like restarting the app and checking for updates, in case it was a simple glitch. Unfortunately, nothing I’ve found so far seems to describe or solve this specific problem. I haven’t attempted any advanced troubleshooting as I’m not sure where to start without further guidance.

Any advice or guidance on how to remove these ghost icons would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help!

One way these come about is if you inactivate/delete a plug-in that had a window. You should be safe to click on the icon and hit the close button to remove them.

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Oh! Thanks, @j_k.

I thought ‘Close’ would just close the message, not remove the button/icon.

‘Remove’ would have been a clearer term.

Yeah, I think technically they are all “files” or “panes”, so it is along the lines of “close the file” or “close this pane”.

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