Getting something like {{date}} with Templater

I’ve been enjoying the nice aspects of working with the Templater plugin for handling dates in templates. However, one thing that I’m missing in Templater is an equivalent of the built-in {{date}} template.

I tend to choose future days and weeks with the Calendar plugin, and I want the templates to have certain dates be inserted, relative to the chosen day or chosen week. With {{date}} I only got one date, but I could manually change the dates after the template being applied. With Templater, I can’t do {{date}}, becuase it seems to be treated as some kind of literal.

For daily notes one can probably use tp.file.title, but this does not quite work for weekly notes, as they do not have a full date in the file name to work with.

Does anyone have any ideas for how this could be solved?

Well, I don’t know about the Templater plugin, but I did notice {{date}} is mentioned in the latest Insider release about an hour after you posted. Obsidian Release v0.12.16 (Insider build)

So there’s a chance it might be relevant to you?

How we can download latest version ?

At the moment it’s available to Catalyst (and up) subscriptions first. It will be released to all after a period of time.

You can use offsetted dates from the current date, though yeah you’re right that Templater wouldn’t understand {{date}} in your templates. has an offset property as its second parameter, the number of days offsetted from the current date.

For example, you can use"YYYY-MM-DD", 7) to get the date a week from now.

I don’t know if this will do the trick, as I’m not yet a subscriber. I’ll have to wait for v0.12.16 to be released.

My suspicion is that it will not work, as I was already using the {{date:YYYY-MM-DD}} format, and that was entered as a literal.