Getting Images To Show Up In Github

OK I feel like I’m going around and around in circles trying to figure this one out!

I’m mirroring a Vault up to Github as a public notebook of sorts.

All works great minus the images. I’ve tried a few approaches.

The setting that makes the most sense to me is nesting an /images folder under the current note:


Set link format as relative:


That gets me to this:


But it won’t show on Github because it’s missing the forward slash.

But if I manually change it then … it won’t show in Obsidian!


Absolute path in vault will get me to this:


Which Github doesn’t like either as they’re expecting the syntax to begin relative to the current folder.

This is the ‘shortest path when possible’ option. Also does not show in Github.


Can anyone advise upon a solution that will show the images in both Obsidian and Github without needing me to manually edit the path of every image I add?

Many TIA!