Getting Days Since Modification Date as Integer for Calculation?

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to get the days since the last modification of a file as an integer so that I can use it as part of a calculation in a table.

Is this even possible with Dataview?

Show us some of what you’ve tried? This will also show us what we’re working with.

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Sounds like something I just found an example of last night while reading through some old posts. It’s a dataviewjs block that shows the file name, creation date, and days since the last change, a perfect setup for keeping track of an “Inbox” folder:

var format = dv.current().dateformat || 'yyyy-MM-dd';
var locale = dv.current().locale || 'en';
	['Note', 'Created', 'Last change'], 
		.where(p => != dv.current()
			&& p.file.folder.includes("_Inbox"))
		.sort(p => p.file.mtime, 'desc')
		.map(p => [,

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