Getting Daily Notes + Templater + Calendar playing together in the same folder

I finally dipped my toes into using Templater with Daily Notes for the purpose of having a more dynamic template (dates, breadcrumbs, quotes). Thanks to tips that folks have posted on here, the subreddit, and in blog posts, I was able to get the template working like a charm. There’s a part I haven’t yet gotten to work right yet, and that’s why I’m posting now.

Things I have tried

I’ve done some searching within this forum, as well as general web searches, but I haven’t found the answer to my question.

What I’m trying to do

What I have noticed is that when I create a new Daily Note file from the breadcrumbs (“Next Day”) OR if I use the calendar plugin to create a new Daily Note, the template triggers correctly. However, the newly created notes do not automatically get created in my Daily Notes folder (as I have set in my Daily Note settings). This means I have to manually move newly created Daily Notes into my Daily Notes folder.

Is it possible to get the creation of new Daily Notes – via a link in the template OR the calendar – automatically stored in my Daily Notes folder? If so, how? I’d love to automate this part of the process if possible:

Here is my templater code/syntax for my Daily Note:

creation date: <% tp.file.creation_date() %>
modification date: <% tp.file.last_modified_date(“YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss”) %>

<% tp.file.title %> logbook

[[<%“YYYY-MM-DD”, -1, tp.file.title) %> | ⇦ Previous Day]] | [[<%“YYYY-MM-DD”, +1, tp.file.title) %> | Next Day ⇨]]

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<% tp.web.daily_quote() %>

Screenshot if the code is hard to read:

Any advice or pointers of any kind is much appreciated!

I’m using Daily Notes and Templater. To get my daily notes to show up in the right folder, I went to the settings for Daily Notes and entered the folder name for where I want those notes to show up.

If you said this in your description and I missed it, I apologize.

For the breadcrumbs I use this:

<< [[Dailies/<%"YYYY-MM-DD", -1) %> | <%"YYYY-MM-DD", -1) %>]] | [[Dailies/<%"YYYY-MM-DD", 1) %> | <%"YYYY-MM-DD", 1) %>]] >>

I have the file location set in the Daily Notes setting, but based on your breadcrumbs syntax, I am missing the file location in there. I’ll add that and give it a try!

I tried adding my file location to the breadcrumbs in the templater template, and that seems to have broken something.

[[Daily notes/<%"YYYY-MM-DD", -1, tp.file.title) %> | ⇦ Previous Day]] | [[Daily notes/<%"YYYY-MM-DD", +1, tp.file.title) %> | Next Day ⇨]] 

If I try to create a new Daily note from the breadcrumbs or the Calender plugin, Obsidian returns an error message saying the note cannot be created.

I use the following settings in the Daily Note plugin.

The problem might be the space in ‘Daily notes’. I dont know for sure but you might need to escape the space with a backslash. I can tell you that mine does work (but I don’t have any spaces in the folder name).

I had to more closely follow your syntax, as well as change my folder name to a single word, but it did the trick! This is the syntax that worked thanks to you:

[[Logbook/<%"YYYY-MM-DD", -1) %> | ⇦ <%"YYYY-MM-DD", -1) %>]] | [[Logbook/<%"YYYY-MM-DD", 1) %> | <%"YYYY-MM-DD", 1) %> ⇨]] 

and the daily note now gets automatically placed in the correct folder, no matter if I create one from the breadcrumbs or the calendar.

Thank you!

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