Getting Citations Plugin to Work with Titles that Have Colons

I am trying to get Citations plugin to import my Zotero Better BibText info. It works fine other than the title. If the title in Zotero has a colon in it, it messes up the format in Obsidian. Instead of having a nice display using the new Properties functions and display, I get red code. As soon as I delete the colon out of the title in Zotero and redo the import, it works fine. The work around I’ve been using is using the short title field to have a title without the colon but that is a pain as I don’t normally use the short title field. I also noticed that if I put the title in manually into the property field for the title in Obsidian instead of importing it, colon or not, it is fine so it must be something about how it is imported when there is a colon present. Any solutions known? Thanks!

Try surrounding the {{title}} field in your citations template with speech marks “”, so that section of your citations template looks like:

title: "{{title}}"

That should generate the ‘title’ property correctly every time, including colons


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