Get time spent data from Super Simple Timer

I’m using GitHub - Ellpeck/ObsidianSimpleTimeTracker: Multi-purpose time trackers for your notes! from @Ellpeck. I’d like to have a weekly time spend note. Is it possible to get that info using Dataview or any other method?

Hi! The time tracker data is simply a code block with JSON in it, so you can parse that JSON data using Dataview.

If you want to be able to export the nicely formatted table or the CSV data into a Dataview-readable format, there is no compatibility for it yet. It might be a nice idea though, so if you want that, you should submit a feature request on the SSTT issue tracker!

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I have no idea how to parse it with JSON so I’ll post a feature request.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi there! This plugin is looking GREAT. It is JUST HAT I WISHED FOR!
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:
One thing is strange, though: I cannot edit the “Segment” title. When I changed the timecode setup, I was briefly able to edit it and thought “ah, now this is fixed”, but this worked only once and is back to being uneditable.

Is there any chance to fix this?

THANK YOU for fixing this bug so fast!!!
I can edit the “Segment” now

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