Get the QuickAdd plugin to apply the {{title}} - now it stays blank

What I’m trying to do

Hi everyone. I have the QuickAdd plugin installed and used it to create a hotkey that opens a new note, asks for the name e.g. Demo meeting, and then apply a template to it while opening the note. However, while the title is correctly applied to the title of the note and everything else (save location etc.) is correct, the {{title}} variables stay like that in the new note. I have checked numerous videos on the topic and it seems there all the titles get correctly applied. When I manually apply a template - without the QuickAdd hotkey - to the created note, the title gets correctly applied to the {{title}} variable.

Things I have tried

I have tried to disable and reenable the plugin, restarted Obsidian and tried different variables etc. However, the {{title}} variable in the new note stays the same way.

Help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

Here is an example of what the note looks like.