Get Sum of a Row from multiple files

I have a file for each session I run (TT RPG). For each session the party gets XP. I want to get the sum of all XP from all session as one value displayed. I am sorry if that was already solved but I couldn’t find something similar with the help.

Current attempt:

TABLE sum(XP_Party) AS "XP Party"
FROM "0. Player Party/10. Sessions"

Output from current attempt:

File | XP Party
Session 1 | 250
Session 2 | 300

Expected/Wanted result:

XP Party

If possible I would later on expand this with the total xp for each player.

If you want a table… Try this:

TABLE WITHOUT ID sum(rows.XP_Party) as "XP Party"
FROM "0. Player Party/10. Sessions"

That worked, thank you very much!

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