Get normal keyboard in iPad app

When I use the Obsidian iPad app, I only get the tiny “floating” iPad keyboard when typing. How do I switch to the “normal” iPad keyboard that all the other apps have? I can’t “pinch/zoom” this keyboard to make it normal sized so I think Obsidian is doing something to prevent me from changing the keyboard back to normal.

Since this “micro keyboard” is almost impossible to type on, it makes Obsidian on the iPad almost useless. Please help me fix!


Maybe something here could help:

I just tested and was able to pinch/zoom it back into the normal keyboard. If you haven’t already, try restarting the app.

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I Am facing the same issue. The floating keyboard comes most of the time and pinch does not work, almost killing the flow on the iPad. Someone please help with this

What version of iPadOS are you on?

I have the same issue on an iPad Mini (6th gen) running 17.4.1. and Obsidian 1.5.12 (134).

Did the following troubleshooting so far:
Updating the community plug-ins and (after restarts) disabling them didn’t make any difference. When Obsidian is restarted the keyboard resizing works fine (as in all other apps) but as soon as you use the pen (Scribble), you get into a loop where you can just show/hide the minimized keyboard. You can move the minimized keyboard around with your finger but the (reverse) pinch and dock to expand don’t work anymore.

I’m seeing this too. Very very annoying