Get folder contents via URI or Advanced URI

I am trying to create a set of Actions in Drafts (iOS/iPadOS) and need to find a way to create a select list from folder contents. I can do this via JavaScript when using MacOS, as the Drafts API has a feature for listContents. But, iOS/iPadOS don’t have a folder structure that can be referenced.

So, is there a way to use the Obsidian API/URI Scheme or the Advanced URI plugin to get a list of folder contents?

Can Drafts or its Actions not interact with the Files app to pick a folder? Can you bookmark a folder in Drafts and gain access to it that way?

If you get desperate, you can install A-Shell Mini and run pickFolder to bookmark your vault in it, then run showmarks to see its full Unix path.

I think that the Files app would only give a viable option if you are storing your vaults in iCloud. I’m using Obsidian Sync, so I need a different way.

You can access Obsidian vaults thru Files. They’re in On my iPad > Obsidian.

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