Get filepath for specific outlink

I’ve got this ‘key:: value’ which I use for referencing videos. So in this case

Video:: [[SomeLocalVideo.mp4]]

Now I’d like to get the filepath for this specific video.

I know:




But I’m struggling with the sequence I need to get the info for the key ‘Video’.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The syntax you’re looking for is dv.current().Video, or the normalised variant of dv.current().video. The latter one is lowercasing the field, and replaces space with dashes (if needed). For more information on field names, see Adding Metadata - Dataview

Also note that if you actually want to get the filepath of a link, you’ll need to use either something like dv.current().video.path or in a DQL query something like meta( (or meta( ). And you then got access to the following parts of the link:

  • display – The alias, or displayed portion of the link
  • embed – A boolean indicating whether this is an embed or not
  • path – The full path of the file including extensions
  • subpath – The subpath, like when linking to a header or section
  • type – The type of the link… Most are file, and some are header and block

For more on this last subject, see

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