Get dataview to retrieve a list of (and actually display) Callouts

What I’m trying to do

On my journaling (or general) notes I use specific types of personal callouts like [!good_moment] or [!idea]. To access them easily in a summary I want to keep a seperate note, in which ideally all callouts of a certain type would be displayed, e.g. to see all “ideas”.

Things I have tried

At the moment I do retrieve a dataview table with all Notes with a specific tag like #idea I apply along the callout. However, if those notes get very long, it becomes tideous to scroll through them in the preview window and search for the actual callout. I would like to get an immediate overview over the content in those callouts when I look at this “collection note”.

I read this article Trying to retrieve Callout with DataView and tried to manipulate it with the help of chatGPT to retrieve an actual obsidian callout in the form of [!word] but I do not get it to work properly (partially probably, because I do not really understand javascript and how the regex expressions work.) I got some code by telling the regex to look for e.g. [!idea] instead, but then it retrieves the whole note that follows after the callout and I can’t get it to “stop” after it.

Can someone tell me if it is possible to only display the actual callout block and perhaps give an example code?

If this is not possible, would there be a way to embed all notes with a certain tag (or similar) via dataview? In this case I could imagine resorting to putting each such callout on a separate note and embed that it in the daily note instead of writing it directly into it.

Kind regards