Get Dataview to display tagged Lines or Paragraphs

Hi Obsidians, I log my media consumption in my daily notes and I have a list of watched movie trailers, some of which I tag with #wannawatch. How can I get Dataview to display those lines with the text in a seperate file? I know I can get a list of those titles in tag search, but I’d prefer a dataview-generated list. Any idea? DataviewJS maybe?

Hi. Dataview works with metadata, not with content (the only content available in metadata is the tasks text). For example: If each element in your list were a task, your tag would be included as part of the task text and could be filtered.
In DQL and DVJS you can’t get things in the way you want. Maybe only with a complex js and the output via dvjs. But I don’t know js, so I can’t help you.

Hi! To build on what @mnvwvnm said, Dataview can’t see the content of your pages, only the metadata. So it can’t see lists. But it can see inline fields. So in your list you could do the following:

  • Movie 1
  • Movie 2
  • WannaWatch:: Movie 3
  • WannaWatch:: Movie 4

… and then query it with something like:

LIST WannaWatch
WHERE WannaWatch
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I don’t use DataView, but I think it can see tags (Data Annotation - Dataview) — they are metadata. But its current scopes are page and task — it doesn’t yet handle blocks like paragraphs or list items. It will eventually:

Until then you could, as mentioned above, convert your lists to task lists if that doesn’t bother you.

Thanks all, I guess I go with the tasks then, I can also mark what i did watch and automate it in some ways maybe, dataview should be able to script table entries from unwatched to watched and vice versa…

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