Get a list of web sites from daily notes

I’ve been adding web sites I’d like to read later or remember to the daily note when I’m on my phone. Share to obsidian has an option to add to the daily note.

I want to make a dataview query that lists all those web sites as tasks.

It looks like this on daily notes as an inline data

ReadLater:: url

How can I get these url’s as a task?


The Task view in Dataview works with checkboxes in the notes.
So a field ReadLater is not going to show up as a Task.

You can list all you ReadLater url as a table or list

TABLE ReadLater as URL
WHERE !completed AND ReadLater

This will display a table with filename (dailynote title) and url


You can change the ReadLater:: to a checkbox in your daily notes.
If you only want to see readlater tasks I would add a tag.

Like this for example:

  • [ ] #readlater URL…
FROM #readlater
WHERE !completed

For my testing,

I created several ‘ReadLater Tasks’ like this.

And, by making LIST with dataview

WHERE !completed
GROUP BY file.folder

I could get the task lists.

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I tried the tagged method, but it returns all unchecked items in the note.

I’m just dipping my toe into Dataview, so I will keep testing, but as suggested, the following is what I used and it returns task (checkbox items) from notes that aren’t tagged with #readlater

You could also look into the Obsidian Task plugin

Thanks @ottovanluchene I do use Obsidian Tasks already. I was trying to just use the Dataview plugin for this one situation with a reading list.

With Obsidian Tasks, this works fine, as long as you tag with #task (or whatever your trigger tag is).

not done
description includes #readlater

Yes you would have to add on an additional WHERE contains(tags, "readLater") or something like that (might need the # not sure) to get just the task lines that contain the tag. (This makes use of the Dataview implicit field tags on tasks, which is different from the file.tags implicit field on pages. Try making a table to see what both look like for each task in your file!)

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