Germany: Corona 7-day Incidence (Python3 script)

I wrote a small Python3 script to get the Corona virus 7-day incidence value for any given area within Germany, directly from the Robert Koch Institute COVID-19 data hub.

It is freely available on GitHub and can easily be integrated with Obsidian using the Templater plugin. Here’s how it looks on the commandline:


And here is how its output looks like in my Daily Notes:

I simply set up a template variable {{inzidenz}} in Templater settings, with this command:

inzidenz -f html -v

See the on GitHub for more information. Sorry for everyone abroad, it won’t work for geo locations outside Germany, since the RKI only provides data for Germany.

Stay healthy, everyone!


Saubere Arbeit, danke sehr!


thanks for the awesome information.

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thanks my issue has been fixed.