German translation of help docs

What I’m trying to do

I want to help out with the German translation of the help docs and want to know if there are already initiatives under way that I could join.

Things I have tried

I visited the obsidian-help repo and noticed that there is no German translation of the help docs. This was a surprise for me as normally, with Open-Source Software the German translation is one of the first translations.

I have five questions:

  1. Did I look in the wrong place?
  2. If not: How can I know if there is a translation initiative of the help docs into German already in work but still not finished?
  3. If I decide to start the translation: How can I secure that there is no overlapping between another initiative.
  4. If I started the translation: How can I announce that I am working on the German translation?
  5. How can I invite other German native speaking people to join the effort?

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