Geotagging Notes in iOS using Shortcuts

The goal: I want to be able to record notes about the place I currently am from my phone. Say, for example, I want to remember a restaurant where I’m having a nice meal, or a cool tourist attraction.

The ingredients:

  • Obsidian
  • Siri Shortcuts (built into iOS)
  • Actions for Obsidian, a really great iOS app for extending what Obsidian can do on iOS
  • The MapView Plugin from the community plugins

This is the shortcut I made. Now if I tap that shortcut’s icon on my home screen, my phone will ask me what I want to name the note, then create a note with the street address and the lat/long of the phone saved in the properties of the note.

That makes the note available to MapView. So then if I tag the note with something like Restaurants, I can have a map note that collects all the notes that match that tag (for example). Clicking the pin takes you to the note.

I originally tried creating a note with a template, and then applying properties to that note with a separate Actions for Obsidian action. But for some reason, it kept putting quote marks around the latitude and longitude block, which kept MapView from recognizing it. There may be a better way! But this does what I need and I thought it was neat enough to share.

This is the link to the shortcut to add to your own iPhone.

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