Generating note in template

What I’m trying to do

Hi everyone, I’m fairly new to obsidian. Is there a straightforward solution to this?

I have a template for my uni notes. In the properties tab, I have “tutorial notes” where I want to generate a new note (and create a backlink to the original note). Essentially, I want a link within a template that creates a unique note.

Things I have tried

In the properties tab, I tried to input [[{{Title}}]] so it would do so, but it would just link to the current note instead of creating one. Using a custom title like “[[{{notes]]}}” would just create a new note with {{notes}} as the title. How would I go about creating a new note each time?

It’s not entirely clear, do you want to create a new note every time with the same name “tutorial notes" through a template?

Sorry. I want to be able to create a new note using my template. Whenever I create a new note with said template, I want the option to create a new note by pressing whatever is contained in my “tutorial notes” tab (inside properties). Like having a button within a note to create a new daily notes page?

Usually, I would have to make a new link via [[“whatever name” | tutorial note (5)"]] for example. Is there a way to create that link automatically in my template?

You want the link to refer to a new note with a random, unique name? With the “Templater” plugin, you could have a unique file name generated in your template for your uni notes, e.g. using a time stamp. Then, when creating a “uni note”, templater can insert the value of the “tutorial notes” property as a link with as name the date and time of creation of your “uni note”. Such name would rather be guaranteed to be unique if the time stamp includes seconds.


Okay, I guess that seems to work. Thanks!

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