Generate MoC note, command to insert/update linked notes (like ToC)

Is there a way to ‘generate’ MoC’s, based on the notes directly linked to the potential MoC note? Like a Table of Contents.

Ideally it should be an ‘insert MoC in current note’ command, which inserts links to all linked notes which you can use as a starting point to move the links around and add new content in between, in your current note.

And of course, it would be really neat if the links can be added/updated/removed, whenever linked notes are added, changed or removed.

Does it exist, or feature request?

Not sure if there is a better way, I do a search on [[Caffeine]], for example. Then copy the search results, create a new note, and paste.

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You may be interested in checking out dataview

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@rolfaalders Maybe you want to check
GitHub - mrjackphil/obsidian-text-expand: A simple text expand plugin for plugin.

It makes a search and put links below.
Basically what @writtenfool do but automatically.


Now that is awesome @mrjackphil !

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Cool. I wasn’t aware the search results could be copied. Nice feature!

Great plugin. Thanks for bringing to my attention!

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“Data view” seems to be awesome… Thanks!! Will dive into it

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