Generate Mindmap instead of Graph


It would be great to be able to generate a mindmap instead of a graph. Mindmaps can help communicate ideas in a more structured format. This would be particularly useful for generating mindmaps for a single folder and using a structure similar to the below:

Folder - Subfolder → Note Title → Headings (1-6)


Hello, I think Mind map plugin somewhat achieves what you want to do. It generates file based mind maps so no folder, subfolder hierarchy is available, but addition to header levels, nested listing should also work for branching out.

This does seem interesting, although I’m not sure how many different visualizations are currently available inside of Obsidian. A Mindmap could be useful also for things like displaying a hierarchy and trees…

This plugin works great but I would need to adapt it to the folder and subfolder use case.

It sounds like you want two more filters added to the filter toggles. I like the idea of adding headings as a filter option. I wouldn’t use the folders option personally, but it wouldn’t bother me to see it.

Haven’t though about it like that but I think that would be a great improvement to the graph.

I don’t mean to sound explainy here, but I do like the topic of data structures so I’ll share my knowledge. If you’re familiar with the topic already disregard me. Same info can be found at graph vs tree - Google Search or the relevant computer science book chapter.

Important to note is

  • trees (aka hierarchical lists, aka nested lists, aka n-dimensional arrays, aka the traditional data structure of mindmaps)

are a tiny subset of

  • graphs (aka obsidian graph, aka wikilinks, aka ‘the web’)

So to make a graph into a tree you must delete every single link that isnt to their direct ancestor.

Trees are a very clean, very small subset of graphs, and that’s why they look so darn pretty. You deleted every single link that made things ‘messy’. It’s pure parent-child relationships all the way down.

mindmap aka tree:

In theory, if you told the graph renderer to ignore any link that wasn’t hierarchical, or just deleted all the [[links]] that arent parent-child, you’d get a graph that looks similar to above, but it might not make much sense after mass-deleting so many links.

So, yeah. Hope that helps somehow?