Generate headings automatically from a list

Things I have tried

I’m very new to obsidian as of today, hence seeking help on what could be a potentially very simple task.

I have tried manually writing headings - this is fine and works (obviously) but I want to be able to automatically read from a list of projects and have a section heading in my daily notes be populated created for each. Preferably by having a list of projects (one per line) in a file squirrelled away in another location.

I have seen that the periodic notes plugin can be used to generate titles based on date, but it’s not quite what I’m looking for.

What I’m trying to do

I am trying to dynamically create headings based on a list of phrases or words in another file - one per line.

Any help or pointers would be appreciated!


The following is one way you might achieve this. It requires installing the Templater plugin.

First, define your list of projects in your “squirrelled away” file. It will work best if you go ahead and set your heading levels and spacing between the project names. For instance, you might define a note titled projects with the following content:

## Project 1

## Project 2

## Project 3

Next, create a note in the folder you’ve designated to hold your Templater templates (I named my note list-projects. It should have the following content:

<% tp.file.include('[[projects]]') %>

(Note the text between the double braces should be the title of your “squirrelled away” note.)

To use, go to your note of the day and put the cursor where you want the list of projects to appear. Then open the Command Palette and run “Templater: Open Insert Template modal”. From the list that pops up, select your template (i.e. list-projects). All the text from your projects note will then appear in your daily note.

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