General autocompletion

Obsidan already has a fast autocompletion system for links, I would like to have autocompletion for everything else.

There are two options that would make my life much easier:

  • Completion of words from a dictionary (English, latex/python/others if inside the appropriate codeblock…)
  • Completion of words already present in the currently open note (or directory. Maybe easier than the other option?)

For example, my notes contain a lot of math, and it would be great if inside a $$ … $$ block Obsidian suggested \varepsilon as I start typing the first few characters.

I am not an expert when dealing with codemirror, but it appears to have some autocomplete functionality: see here.


I’m a heavy user of autocomplete, and also keep missing this.

I agree that the best solution would be a combination of words in the current note, and words from an optional user-defined dictionary. Bonus points if dictionaries are searched in out from the current file in subdirectory order.

It’s important that the autocomplete be fuzzy, once you’re used to fuzzy autocomplete, non-fuzzy becomes worse than no autocomplete.


I am a graduate student studying Mathematics and trying to use Obsidian for my research. Since it doesn’t have auto-completion for Latex command, it’s actually a pain to type combinations of Maths symbols in the notes. I really hope this problem will be solved.

I am a graduate student myself (in Physics). What I’ve settled on is to use autokey for the most common time saving patterns (\mathbf{}, \frac{}{}, …).

When this is not enough, I open a terminal and use vim with my snippets, and then paste the result in obsidian. This solution is suboptimal, but I hope that it will give you some inspiration while we wait for autocompletion in obsidian.

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Yes, it would be nice to have a plugin for autocomplete with Tab like in Sublime Text for all the words in the current document.

This might be relevant: GitHub - tadashi-aikawa/obsidian-various-complements-plugin: This plugin for Obsidian enables you to complements input in markdown files. 🦉


I recommend using atext or text expander to auto complete custom keyword, like my name

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Text Expander is an Amazing, flexible program.

That is what I use for autocompletion.