Genealogy plugins -- GEDCOM conversion

I stumbled upon Obsidian for a completely different reason, but I quickly realized it could be really useful for my genealogy research. I’ve tried many genealogy software, but there are things about each of them that didn’t work with my way of thinking. I haven’t explored it much yet, but I think Obsidian could offer me the flexibility I want.

My biggest concern about storing my family tree data in Obsidian is that I may someday want to use some of the features of traditional genealogy software or share data with someone else who is using this software. To do that, I need to be able to convert my Obsidian Vault to the GEDCOM file that’s industry standard for transferring genealogy data between programs. It would also be nice if you could import GEDCOMs to a new Obsidian Vault. But right now, there’s no plugins to help with this.

I’m not a tech person at all, so I don’t know how difficult something like this would be or if it’s even possible. But if someone could figure out how to do this, I think I may be able to finally make the switch.