Gene 🧬: An AI Assistant for Text Completion, Translation, Summarisation and More!

Hey guys,

Today I want to showcase to you Gene, my AI powered note taking assistant. I made gene out of a personal desire to have a genuinely useful LLM powered assistant and while its still far from perfect, (don’t worry I’m still actively working on it!) I wanted to showcase it here to get feedback on what I should do next.

Introduction to Gene

Gene uses OpenAI’s API in order to generate text using the text in the file as context. Basically Gene will read all of the text above your cursor, take it in as context and produce text that doesn’t overlap with the text above.

Why would I want this?
Text generation is incredibly useful but even if you need a text generator, Gene comes with many other incredibly useful features like:

  • Translation
  • Modification (turn a paragraph into bullet points, or a table)
  • Summarisation
  • Elaboration (If you don’t quite understand a topic)
    These additional features can allow you to make rapid changes to your notes in order to make them as effective as possible very quickly!


Complete From Prompt

This feature is what started the project in the first place. It allows you to highlight some text, use it as a prompt while the rest of the file is context, and generate text using one of multiple models.


This enables you to select a block of text, run the command, type in a language and translate it into the language. The benefit of this over normal translation plugins is that for an LLM “translate” can either mean converting one natural language to another or to convert something else, for example, a programming language can be “translated” into a different programming language.

The above image is the generated paragraph translated into german.


Modification is probably the command I use most, it allows you to select a block of text, input a desired change, and modify that text. For example, lets say you have a paragraph comparing two items, you could ask gene to turn it into a table with one product on the left and one on the right.

the generated text converted into bullet points

Summarisation and Elaboration

Gene can also summarise the contents of a file allowing you to briefly read over everything you wrote, in addition to that, Gene can also elaborate on a certain point like a definition you may not entirely understand.

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Is this going to be an Obsidian plugin?

It already is.

Nice idea!

Strangely, for me, although the text-generation “works”, it gives highly garbled text:
The Steve Jobs prompt for example resulted in

Jobs an American and who-founded Inc. was for his leadership innovative ideas revolution the technology. was master creating products were only functional alsohet pleasing He was perfectionist demanded from and his, resulted some the most products our, such the, Mac Jobs a pioneer who the we, work and. His continues inspire influence the industry.

Did I maybe mis-configure something? (Or could there be strange interactions with other add-ons?