"gd" Vim Binding for Links

Use case or problem

Support the vim binding “gd” depending on what your cursor is over. It would be nice to easily move to link with this command

Proposed solution

For an MVP, it would be nice if when your cursor is on a word that is a link to a page, it would bring up that page for you to start typing (same as if you clicked on it). An additional ask would be if you have a #hash it would be awesome if it automatically searched for that to let you see all of the instances

This should do what you want.

I doubt this would ever be made core, as vim is handled by codemirror-vim, which is not focused on markdown.


Good to know, it felt like a natural feeling action but understandable. Seems like it might be a use-case for a custom macro? Is that possibility in obsidian?

The vimrc plugin lets you bind key combinations to Obsidian (plugin) commands.