Gather tasks from current daily note using dataview

Things I have tried

I tried using the tasks plugin but it seems to be incompatible with the theme I’m using ( PRIMARY by ceciliamay ) as it supports custom check boxes.
I also tried using

TASK from date(today)

but it led to a parse error.

What I’m trying to do

I effectively want dataview to include all tasks from that day’s daily note into the todo page. Tasks does not work, so I am hoping dataview has a solution.

What do your daily note filenames look like? And are they in a folder? To use FROM on a file, I think you need to give it the full path from the root of your vault.

They are in the form of YYYY-MM-DD.
I know I have to give the full path. I can’t keep changing the path everyday, however. I was hoping that someone would have a solution to this that would not require me to change the path daily.
And, yes, they are in a folder.

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Managed to figure out a solution after seeing a similar question here.

    TASK from "Personal Space/Diary"
    WHERE = dateformat(date(today), "yyyy-MM-dd")
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