Fuzzy Search: Color matching characters

Use case or problem

When adding a link from one note to another (e.g., by typing [[]] ) the search field comes up. After entering a search term, I got results that weren’t related. At first, I thought this was a bug.

Asked about it in Discord, and it was explained that search is fuzzy, and that the suggested matching characters are bolded. Fuzzy search is great, but I completely missed that the matching characters were bolded (it was a bit too subtle for me). If the matching characters were more obvious, I think it would have felt less like a bug.

Proposed solution

Would be great if the matching characters were colored or highlighted (in addition to being bold)

Current workaround (optional)

No workaround right now. It’s not a big deal as I know what to look for now. It’s more of a small optimization for future first-time users.

Related feature requests (optional)


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Just discovered that this can already be customized with CSS, which is awesome! Here’s the relevant class.

color: #C7F5ED;