Fuzzy code snippets search (Obsidian + IDE + copilot)

What about using knowledge databases to share code snippets inside of the working group or your own use only?

I use obsidian.md for holding notes and code snippets, as most code should be language agnostic, or have variants for more then 3 programming languages (say JS, C++ and Java).

There is a problem to sync changed code (some fixes etc) between dozens of projects, as I must do it manually, and IDEs I use (VSCode) has no any fuzzy code search & compare (taking grammar and semantics in mind).

Maybe some ML tools can be found like copilot etc that can solve this problem by scanning hundreds of source code files and code in Markdown (locally), and provide messages like “this code fragments are similar, do you want to sync them?”.

Another problem I’d like to solve with this like tool set is digging into large codebase, and making some tips, pages and commented code fragments into my local vault. It will be great to make bidirectional links between source code file (mark some code section in it with reduces file name, function name, some marker in comments, or regexp) and Markdown pages opened in the right tab of the IDE (VSCode in my case).