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I’ve searched for similar topics and unfortunately, cannot find a straight forward
answer around this…

If I add a future [[DATE]] link to a note and click on it, it will create that note but not in my Daily Notes folder.

I have the Calendar plugin installed, which can create the daily note first in the correct folder. However, I’m wondering if there is a way to do this automatically directly from the note (without the Calendar step)?



Not that I have found.

The closest I have found is using the plugin “from template”, and selecting the date text. However all entries have to go to same folder (e.g. no month specific folders). Give it a look and a play.

Should work if you add the folder path. In the following, for the path and syntax I use:


journal = folder
2023 = year subfolder
01 = month sub-subfolder (inside 2023)
2023-01-06-Friday = the title of the note

When clicked, the note and the relevant folders are created.


Yep, that works. Thanks!

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