Full-text search not working on Publish site

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to look up words that are included in my published notes using the search box on my Publish site. Unless the word is included in a header, the search returns “no results found”.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried un-publishing/re-publishing the note, waiting overnight after the recent-most publish, un-publishing my publish.css file to remove any custom css, and un-publishing all other notes except the one I’m using to test full-text search. Unfortunately, none of these have fixed the problem. I’ve also tried using different browsers and turning off any browser extensions – the same browsers, however, do allow me to use full-text search when browsing some of the Publish sites showcased here as well as the help site. Could this be because I’ve set up a custom domain and/or have disallowed search engine indexing?

It seems to be part of the Search limitations mentioned here: Publish limitations - Obsidian Help :woman_shrugging:

Sorry, I’m a bit confused — it says “after searching the above for matches, the search will then include plain text of the published notes” which should mean plain text like in the attached image should be searchable, right?

To be honest, I’m as confused as you are regarding this sentence :sweat_smile:

I thought about the limitations because you mentioned that if the word you’re looking for is in a header, it seems to work :blush: … But on the other side, Obsidian’s Help seems to perform plain text searches from the search bar :thinking:
I also stumbled upon a callout (Manage sites - Obsidian Help) stating :

The search bar searches for published note titles, aliases, and headings.

… where there’s no mention of the content of a published note :sweat_smile: (although, that could just be a “not up-to-date yet” callout)

I think those docs are likely just outdated. According to this changelog entry, Publish has supported full-text search since March 5th, 2024. I think either the scope of the search was misrepresented in the changelog/announcement, or there’s a bug floating around that’s preventing certain sites from being searchable. I’m really hoping this can be addressed because it’s one of the main reasons I’m even paying for Publish in the first place.

I think it could be worth to contact Obsidian Support directly :thinking:
This would probably clarify any doubts as to why it might not be working as expected :no_mouth: .