Full-screen (immersive) mode to hide the status bar



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.4

The notifications and icons in the status bar are annoying, so I want immersive (full-screen) mode to hide the status bar.

Hiding the status bar can also make themes more better.



A huge use case for this would be Excalidraw
(lots of space a the top and the bottom, Samsung Tab S7)



I need this too. Please implement this!

I third this!!!

I need this please.



Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.2

I’m using the workspace as you can see in the screenshot; the local graph view at the top, and the note at the bottom.

I’m also using “Hider” to hide the ‘Title Bar’ and it resulted in this happy accident of a Node trespassing to the iOS Status Bar where the clock is.

It made me realize that it would be interesting to have that extra space (now occupied by the iOS Status Bar items) clean, so I wonder if you could implement an option to hide it. The developer’s guide in the Apple website say it’s possible.

I’m not a programmer so I don’t know if this is a job for Community Plugins or something for the Core, but it seems like something that can only be done at the core level.

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Any news? I still need this in 2024. I can not force any app to fullscreen in my phone and android notification bar is annoying

Hider plugin achieves this GitHub - kepano/obsidian-hider: Hide Obsidian UI elements such as tooltips, status, titlebar and more

No, I don’t think that achieves it. The Hider plugin is effective for hiding many things, but not the stuff such as the time, wifi and other symbols at the top, and the system navigation bar at the bottom (see attached images below).

I’ve noticed that when entering a “split screen” view between Obsidian and some other app, the top and bottom status bars get hidden on my Android device (Boox Tab Ultra). If I exit split screen view immediately, the status bars reappear. However, sometimes, after working for a while in split screen view, the bars remain hidden after I exit split screen view (see attached images below). However, this does not provide a reliable or convenient way to achieve full-screen.

I am currently exploring paid 3rd party apps such as Fullcreen Immersive by DunaAI Techworks (on the Play Store). Edit: it seems like, in order to get any full-screen-ify app working with an external keyboard is extremely complicated. In my opinion, the complicatedness of that undertaking provides further support for the suggestion that an immersive full-screen mode be added to Obsidian itself.