Full-pane PDF

Use case or problem

I’m testing using Obsidian as a knowledge repository for work in my pre-revenue manufacturing startup, and due to the scope of what we’re doing, there are lots of PDFs embedded as reference material, primarily in the format of codes and standards, and equipment cut sheets.


Obsidian lives on a 4k monitor when I’m on my desktop, and it would be nice to have - in Preview mode - the PDF embed window be bigger or ideally to have a fullscreen/presentation mode where a single pdf page fills the whole pane.

Proposed solution

I would like the option to view a PDF in “fullscreen” mode where a single page fills up a whole pane.

Alternatively, adding the ability to use a sizing parameter on the embed window to make it up to full-pane width and a defined height to width ratio would be nearly as useful.

Example ratios could be:

  • Letter Portrait
  • Letter Landscape
  • A4 Portrait
  • A4 Landscape

Current workaround (optional)

None that I have found.

EDIT: I’ve just discovered that if you right-click on the PDF link in the “Edit” version, you can pop the PDF into a new standalone window, and the PDF fills the pane. This is a pretty handy workaround for single file viewing.


thanks for the last edit and the work around its working

Now i am inserting pdf just as links ( by simply removing the exclamation ) rather than embeds that way i can click on the preview mode also to open the pdf in new full pane width