Full File System Access For The iOS App (Open Existing Vault/Folder)

Is there still no sync solution that works in the background on iOS at the file-level (aside from iCloud)? Ala Working Copy but sync-centric, not via git.

iCloud ADP moves the needle a bit, but until file metadata is E2EE it is likely a no-go for those who want File-level access for security/privacy reasons.

Obsidian Sync

*Outside of Obsidian and preferably with control of where data is stored (regardless of encryption).

This would be useful particularly when adding notes via iOS shortcuts (instead of adding via uri and potentially having to wait for the whole vault to reload due to ios killing the process). Then the shortcut-created notes can be synced directly on ios. This works fine using Working Copy, but of course is a manual process.

Use case or problem

At work I’m forced to Microsoft-Ecosystem and have to use OneDrive instead of iCloud. And there’s no possivility to install iCloud or anything on the office-devices. So I have to use my OneDrive on the Windows PC to store my Obsidian-files but can’t open my work-OneDrive on Obsidian mobile to use my vault in there.

Proposed solution

There should be a native implementation of using different cloud services in which you can store your Obsidian-files.

Current workaround (optional)

sadly none but note taking on paper and transkribing it afterwards

  1. The fact that Obsidian cannot sync with iCloud Drive is an iOS specification.
    Complain to Apple; complaining to Obsidian is misguided.
    It is similar to the way the iOS web browser is tied to WebKit.

  2. There are several ways to sync your iPhone or iPad with Windows.


Which method you choose depends on your own money, time, research and technical skills.
If you don’t have the time, research or technical skills, then you should shut up and pay for it.

I can synchronize my devices, including iPad, Windows, Android, and Linux, seamlessly without any issues.

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Would like to see an option to use GoogleDrive with the iOS app instead of only iCloud

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Support Vaults via iOS Files App

I don’t want to use iCloud for syncing my vault. I have a NAS that I could use to store my vault. (accessible via SMB / Apple files app integration) This would allow me to access the vault from all of my devices. Even remote access would be possible. (Using VPN)

I’m doing this with Strongbox too. (My password manager of choice)
It’s working flawlessly in that case. However, though Strongbox has some sort of local cache. I’m not so sure, if that would be a Problem with the current Obsidian implementation.

Proposed solution

Allow opening a vault from the Apple files app. (There’s some Dialog that Apple provides. Maybe UIDocumentBrowserViewController or something along those lines…) You can then add the SMB share as remote in the Apple files app and access it within Obsidian.

Current workaround (optional)

I’m not aware of a workaround. I feel like I’m forced to use iCloud at this point.

Related feature requests (optional)

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1). Install obsidian on iOS.
2). Install Mobius Syncthing and pay the $4.99 to unlock all features.
3). Add your vaults to iOS using syncthing.
4). Copy and paste your vaults into the obsidian folder.
5). Open Obsidian and verify that you can select between your vaults and that all your plugins moved over.
6). Delete the old shares in syncthing and update to synchronize the new locations of your vaults.

Addendum: if you use Möbius Sync then please know that you can share the obsidian vault to the iPhone from another source and select the obsidian folder as the save location as long as the obsidian app is already installed. Just learned this and it’s an easier way. Both work. Hope this info helps someone out there.