Full document paths in backlinks panel

I’m using both folders and Maps of Content (MOCs) to organize my obsidian vault. I call each MoC a “dashboard.”

Most of my folders have a document called “Dashboard” in them, where I record notes about the other documents in each folder, as well as progress reports on projects.

If I’m looking at backlinks in a document, and I see a backlink from a document called “Dashboard,” that’s not helpful. Which dashboard is it?

Better if the backlink was called “Folder Name/Dashboard” (where “Folder Name” is, of course, the actual folder name).

My workaround for now is to give each dashboard a more informative name. But it would be simpler if I didn’t have to do that.

I use identical document names extensively — “draft” for article draft, “notes” for folders where I only have one notes document, and so on. I know what the document is by looking at the folder it’s in.

This could be a plugin request or a core feature request, but I decided to put it in as a plugin.