Full Calendar Date Format Question

What I’m trying to do

Hi! I was trying to change the date format of the notes created by “Full calendar” plugin, tried several things but didn’t work does somebody know what to do?


This date to “DD-MM-YYYY”

Things I have tried

Changed some parameters on the main.js file to DD-MM-YYYY but it still creates the notes on that format.
Funny thing is when I create a daily note on full calendar it creates it correct because takes the daily notes format

Search FullNoteCalendar.ts, inside that section, find basenameFromEvent, this function returns the filename for full note event.
For single event, change

    case "single":
      return `${event.date} ${event.title}`;

as like

    case "single":
      return `${window.moment(event.date).format('DD-MM-YYYY')} ${event.title}`;
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So much thanks, It worked :slight_smile:

I Wouldn’t have found out, it helps me alot

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