Frontmatter Tag/Link Handling

With the new update, frontmatter in previews are now handled as code blocks. The problem I have is I’ve been putting links and tags in the frontmatter. These are now no longer styled like the rest of the page, but more importantly, they’re no longer processed as tags or links. This includes Links no longer creating backlinks and tags no longer being recognized.

For example, the following block is now rendered as follows:


links: [[Service Mesh MOC|Service Mesh]]
tags: #service-mesh #kubernetes #talk 
author: [[Cloud Native Computing Foundation]]


This may be down to me using these blocks differently as intended, as I know I can fix this issue by removing the top ---; but it would be nice to have an option so that the frontmatter isn’t handled like a code block, or at least tags and links are still processed in frontmatter.

There were already similar posts and the developer said that want to use the frontmatter for plugins and that it isn’t meant to be edited by the user.

That does make some sense. Though my assumption is when they go down that route with plugins that each plugin would have it’s own nested mapping to prevent conflicts. This would still allow user entered entries.

If instead this is the approach the developers are taking then it may be worth by default showing a warning when someone creates frontmatter in their notes, as it may prevent someone from getting into a situation like me where they may have hundreds of notes that follow this format.

I do see now that this has been recently discussed here:

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I think this is more a case of Obsidian still being a rapidly-evolving beta. Problem is the devs have built something too shiny, stable, and useful so we are all using it as if it’s production-level software! Arguably, warnings should be everywhere.

I would expect YAML syntax and use to continue to change as we approach the plugin API.