Frontmatter formatting error

Use case or problem

I did a typo in a frontmatter section but didn’t realize my mistake NOR did the interface even tell me there was a problem

Proposed solution

Some kind of system that visually lets the user know ‘just fyi, the frontmatter section has a formatting problem in it’… doesn’t necessarily have to say exactly what’s wrong like a proper linter… but just… inform the user that something is broken. Because there is no way to tell unless you find out that "oh huh, this note is not getting it’s tag applied from the frontmatter.

(I did a typo where I forgot to add a : for one of the frontmatter values. But didn’t notice)

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In the hope it helps, read mode gives a warning (edit mode doesn’t because the user is still writing) :

Good to know. Guess the problem for me is that I don’t use read mode. ever. I always use Live Preview. Part of expects this error to also appear in Live Preview tbh.

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Would be nice if it did. Something to do with parsing, I guess. I tend to work with a split screen.