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Things I have tried

Hello to everyone!

I was wondering if it’s possible from two different nodes right in the middle of them to make a connection with a third node ( you can see the red line what I mean.
As you are parent and you have a kid as it shown on like a family tree.
But in this format with the nodes

Thanks advance

So you want Nyx to link to NEW and NEW to link to Eros?

Or you want Nyx to link to NEW, and Eros to link to NEW?

Either way, why not just do that? What trouble are you running into? Or am I misunderstanding?

Is this a question about doing it automatically somehow?

Just create your new note and link it to [[Nyx]] and [[Eros]]

Doing that, you would end up with a triangle as Nyx and Eros will still have a direct link to each other. To remove that, just remove the wiki-link between those two notes.

To my knowledge, you can’t just click on the graph view and create a new note like you would in mind-mapping software.

Is what I am doing right now. Thanks

I want to Link Eros and Nyx with a third node but to look like the mind mapping or the family tree…

I am looking how to create the visual part.

Perhaps investigate the “Juggl” plug-in.

I don’t think there is any way to control the layout of the Obsidian graph. It has come up as feature requests a few times.

I think that too!
Thanks anyway

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