From tag/link to MOC. A question about linking


I have a question for those familiarized with using MOC concept and [[Links]] instead of Tags for the linking and labelling.

Imagine you are using a lot [[PKM]] as a tag, so much so that you consider upgrading it into a MOC → [[PKM MOC]] high-level note.

My question is: would you keep tagging (linking) using [[PKM]] or [[PKM MOC]]?

You could create the file first as and later rename it to PKM - all the backlinks will be updated automatically by Obsidian.

You could also just call it and have a #moc tag inside the MOC.

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Correct! This is how I handle it, so far; also adding an “alias” to the new PKM → [[PKM MOC|PKM]] which enables the reading in other notes when you are direct linking.

But, I think that I prefer what you’ve mentioned: just using PKM and adding a type hashtag, but also including the PKM MOC as an alias into the YAML.

Front Matter:

tags: Graphgroupings🕸️, Graphgroupings🕸️/LabelTag🏷️, Atlas/MOC🗺️
aliases: PKM MOC, Personal Knowledge Management

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