From Markdown to VsCode (Latex) - best practices?

I organize my knowledge for my Masterthesis in Obsidian with the help of Zotero. What I am currently lacking of is a best prachtices, how in can easily insert my atomic notes into my VSCode, which I use for Latex.

Are there any best practices how I automate this steps with a minumum of manual effort? Beside Copy&Paste I did not find anything yet on the internet.


you want to combine all separate notes in 1 latex project? I don’t know your knowledge of Latex, and where exactly you need help. But I have switched myself a couple of times from markdown to latex and back, but not really big amount of files.

You could treat the separate notes (md files) as separate tex files and include them under a Part or Chapter in the main latex project.

In VScode you have the option with regular expression to convert/replace a lot of markdown syntax to latex syntax. So for example you could convert “# Title” to “\section{Title}” etc.

Hopefully this is in some way helpful.