From header X to header Y link syntax

Hi !

It would be very nice to have a “form header X to header Y” syntax in Obsidian links.

Use case or problem

I use Obsidian mostly for bible studies. My Bibles are divided into book chapters with one chapter being one note, and each verse being an h6 level header. As you may know it’s quite frequent to quote more than one verse, so I would like to be able to write a link with a format like : [[Genesis 1#1#3]] which would :

  • If I hover on it, show all text between my header “1” and my header “4” in Genesis 1 note
  • If I click, open the Genesis 1 note and highlight all between my header “1” and my my header “4”

Proposed solution

[[Note#HeaderX#HeaderY]] link syntax, which is retrocompatible and won’t break anything

Current workaround (optional)

I currently write my links as [[Genesis 1#1]][[Genesis 1#2|]][[Genesis 1#3|-3]] which renders as “Genesis 1>1-3” but is far from ideal

Thanks in advance for your kind consideration.
I’m pretty convinced that this would be useful for a lot of different usecases than Bible study of course.