Freeze when scrolling (electron 13.6.8-1)

Steps to reproduce

Upgrade Arch Linux to latest version (27-01)…
Open Obsidian, click through some files (no problem).
Scroll (mouse) a couple of times to make the system freeze.

Expected result

Unfrozen system

Actual result

System froze


obsidian 0.13.19, community plugins disabled

Additional information

When downgrading electron (13.6.8-1 => 13.6.7-1) this behaviour stopped, could scroll again.

Not sure whether I should post this report here or at electron’s, but at least this way I get the ball rolling if needed.

How did you install obsidian?

We don’t provide support for the arch/aur package. That’s maintained by third party.

I installed it using the AUR package. Could that be relevant, as I see the impact of the electron version on the behaviour of Obsidian?