FR: Require a second "back" gesture to exit app on android

via discord

the fast swipe with one finger closes the app for me if there’s no back history, it’s insanely annoying. wish it would ask for confirmation like other apps do "swipe again from side if you want close

example of current behaivour. Obsidian forum won’t accept mov or mp4 files.

example of an app that does this:


Same here, I often find myself closing the app by accident (pressing back button on android phone). As I don’t have the most powerful phone, loading the vault do take some time and it would improve the experience to limit the number of times I have to reload it (because I closed the app by accident). Personally, I would even prefer a prompt that asks me to confirm I want to exit Obsidian.

This has gotten better more recently, but I would also like an option of a prompt!