Forward Links to existing notes in sidepane


I’ve searched and found many feature requests here but no real answer to this problem.

I use the daily note feature quite regulary and I also have Notes saved for various topics.

In the sidepane I can see Linked and unlinked mentions when I’m viewing my structured notes. For example when open my note “Environments” I see all linked and unlinked mentions of this note.

But when I write in my daily note titled “27.10.2022” about “environments” there is no feature that

a) shows me that I already have a note for this that I could link to or
b) auto suggests to create a link for his.

ideally also sitting in the right pane next to linked and unlinked mentions

Maybe there is something like this already since I found a similar post, apparentlxysolved aleady but I simply cannot find a way to active this feature.

See here

Thanks for helping :slight_smile:

Well found it…

activate outgoing links in core plugins and actually click on unlinked mentions…

the User interface looks like its not clipable…


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