Forum: Ability to change the date format?


when reading forum posts, I often like to check the dates when they have been posted. Often dates look something like this:

  • May '20 - refers to May 2020, which I often misread like 20th of May current year. Hides the exact day.
  • Jun 7 - refers to Jun 7th of current year.
  • 8h ago

Date formats are heavily a matter of taste, so no format cannot satisfy all users. I’m not asking to change the default date format, but could there be some option in the user preferences to change how the dates are shown? Personally I’d like YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM for all dates, both for new and old posts, but that’s just one example. If this is not currently possible to do, maybe I’d have to suggest Discourse to implement this kind of user option.

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I’m not sure offhand. I would look into Discourse’s help for this sort of thing:

Discourse’s official Discourse forum might be a good place to ask, too.

I’m also interested in the answer. Please share when you find it.