Formula Symbol in Properties

I am trying to an overview of my Fomulas and si-units.
first I Started with a Mindmap what worked pretty good. but now i want an Overview list wer I can see the Formula symbol and the Si - Unit in a dataview Table. But i am struggling to implement latex in the properties field.
is there an other way to realize my idea without that much coding?

I’m not quite sure I’m following your request, but if you’re trying to do $...$ stuff in the properties I reckon that’s going to fail. Furthermore I think I would switch to lists, or even better tasks, to get your wanted table.

Imagine something like:

- [f] $E = mc^2$ [si:: J]
- [f] $F = ma$ [si:: N]

## As list of tasks

WHERE status = "f"
WHERE file.folder = this.file.folder

## As a table

TABLE WITHOUT ID formula, as SI-unit
FLATTEN file.tasks as task
WHERE task.status = "f"
  AND file.folder = this.file.folder
FLATTEN regexreplace(task.text, "\s*\[si::[^\]]+\]", "") as formula

In my setup f is styled as a fire icon, but you could of course use a different character and style it to your needs, but the idea is the same to use a given status characters to denote formulas and use that when listing your forumulas. Resulting output is:


Note that here the task list also provides a link back to where the formula was defined. In the table variant there is no link back to the origin.

The regexreplace() is used to remove the SI unit from the text, and will adjustment if your format of the line varies. The regexreplace() could possibly be countered by doing something like [formula:: $s = vt$] and then use task.formula in the table. This could however possibly need a little more tweaking of the CSS for inline fields.

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