Formatting colored text (italic, bold, etc)

so, i have a heading which i colored via etc. and what i found to my surprising, i can not format this text, meaning it can not be italic or bold or anything else. and this is quite funny since i’m using Supercharged Links, and some of my links are colored AND I CAN italicize them, and it looks fine, meaning that Obsidian can do this – i just don’t know how

What I’m trying to do

to italicize/bold-icize the colored text so it would look like this (italic underlined text which is essentially colored supercharged link being italicized):

Снимок экрана 2024-01-06 181716

Things I have tried

i put * before and after text – does nothing
i put * inbetween text – well, i get text
…and yes, i kinda found a workaround: in theme.css i changed
–h6-style: normal → --h6-style: italic
but that applies to all h6, not specifically to certain text. for example, what if i want to color and italicize text inside text blocks? then i hit the roadblock

would much appreciate if i can do this inside the app itself, let it be certain plugins or whatever. if i can’t do it in the app, then how can i normally do this in CSS? i have a lot of colored headings and links, so probably “if the text has color property, then it must be italicized” thing won’t work

Normally with CSS you would use a special class style like “h6.special” but there is no way to get obsidian to use that as far as I can see. It’s going to be all H6 the same style over-ride or just accept the style provided by the theme. Sounds like an extention or support within obsidian would need to be added to let you overide the theme for a specific heading. You could ask for this as a feature request.

the thing is, i want this not for the specific heading, but for the usual text, like
asterisk < font color=00FF00 > this text < /font > asterisk
or use it with , does not matter
it’s just that i found a workaround for the heading, but for usual text i do not know

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