Formatting change with latest version

Here is a link to some html/css which I use in obsidian:

This renders correctly in jsfiddle and used to render the same in obsidian.

Now the height of all the rows in the table in obsidian are padded incorrectly when rendered.


moved to the css section

This belongs in bug reports. I didn’t change anything in my CSS. It ceased rendering correctly after the last update.

I’ve not fully debugged it, but you’re not the first to experience this, and it seems like some themes are able to counter it, like Minimal and GitHub themes. Surely others are able to counter this, but those are the ones I’ve used which eliminates the problem.

It would be nice to have this addressed at a higher level, not sure if it qualifies as a bug or what, but if one wanted to make a bug report one would need to follow the bug report template and reproduce the issue in the Sandbox vault for starters.

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