Formatted word at end of a line causes an indenting bug on next line

Steps to reproduce

I’ve noticed this editor bug for a while but finally figured out the conditions that cause it.

  1. Open a note that contains a paragraph of text.
  2. Add *italic* formatting to the final word in a line (choose a line that has buffer space at the end so the italicized word doesn’t move to the next line)

Expected result

The word is italicized, with no other formatting changes.

Actual result

The word is italicized and a superfluous indent appears at the beginning of the next line.


This bug appears for other kinds of formatting as well, including spellcheck underlines:

Apr-05-2021 10-48-22

I only notice this happening when the final word in a line has formatting attached to it. This doesn’t appear to affect Preview mode.


  • Operating system: MacOS Catalina
  • Obsidian version: v.11.13
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